About Powerlines Community Network

Powerlines Community NetworkAgape community services

Powerlines Community Network (PCN) was launched in March 2009 in response to the need in Memphis for service to local residents in under-resourced Mid-South communities.  The mission of this community-focused program is one of connection.  PCN helps create a more nurturing environment for children and families by connecting residents living in an under-resourced community or neighborhood with valuable resources and services.

Through onsite offices in the communities we serve, Agape is able to connect with residents, and provide services and referrals which support local residents.  The purpose is to be a catalyst for Christ-centered services, education and advocacy, and set the standard for excellence and effectiveness in preserving and enhancing relationships, transforming lives and building a loving community for those we serve.

CLICK HERE to see a video that shares what Powerlines is doing in Memphis communities.

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Agape holds Community Cafes at Powerlines locations, in an effort to determine what services the community members need.  Agape’s PCN staff meet with residents and conduct a survey of the resources and services residents need.  From there, PCN staff implement a program of services for the community, which provides residents with resources, programs and referrals needed to support and help provide strong, nurturing environments for children and families in the community. Powerlines provides community members countless services including:

  • After-school programs
  • Life-skills classes
  • Community events
  • GED practice
  • Job-readiness
  • Nutrition classes
  • Resume and Job Search classes

Powerlines, Agape and our collaborative partners are currently serving through PCN in the following (primarily apartment) communities:

  • Whitehaven
  • Hickory Hill/Southeast Memphis
  • Raleigh/Frayser/Raleigh

Agape now serves in 10 apartment communities!